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Good day,

Taylor Nature Herbs LLC is founded by Deborah Taylor Coleman. She is the CEO who operates and owns the small alkaline herb business. I hope you have a wonderful experience while shopping with us and we look forward to you visiting again in the future. 

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My Story

Taylor Nature Herbs is an online E-commerce store Deborah decided to create and launch that offers various medicinal alkaline herbs that will help enhance your overall health and well-being for wide a range of health ailments. Deborah inspiration for Taylor Nature Herbs was her struggle with finding a way to lose weight and live an overall healthier lifestyle than her previous one.

Deborah is the mother of two beautiful humans and grandmother of one. Deborah have been employed with Texas local state government for 19 years and have acquired a Master’s in Business Administration w/ focus in Human Resource Management (MBA/HRM). In 2017, Deborah struggled with losing weight, which she gained 30 1bs. over a 6-yr. period while studying for her MBA. After graduation in 2017 she received her MBA and soon after started vigorously working out toward the end of the 2017 yr. about five to six days a week. Deborah was doing cardio to weight training; to reducing her food portion amount, to drinking the recommended amount of water, etc.

After about a year of Deborah consistently exercising, etc., she was at a point of frustration because the results of her vigorous workout were not paying off. Deborah was dealing with hypertension (high blood pressure) that was always above the acceptable level while on prescription meds, feeling fatigued all the time; fluid over her entire body, occasional facial skin breakouts, arthritis in her joints that often resulted in excruciating hip pains and stiffness.

Deborah always experienced some of the worse menstrual cramps that over the counter medicine didn’t resolve. Deborah started doing some serious research, reading, watching videos, and documentaries to find the root cause of why she wasn’t losing weight and how to combat the other health issues.

In the process, Deborah realized the key cause of her health problems was linked to the FOOD she was eating. Yep, that food we all enjoy the aroma of and the delicious taste when it lands on our tongue. The information opened Deborah eyes to the fact of why she was often fatigued, struggling to lose weight, dealing with high blood pressure, and arthritis pain, etc. The three-big game changers for Deborah decision of converting to alkaline vegan meals was the outcome of watching the documentary “What the Health, Knives Over Forks, and most of all Dr. Sebi informative and valuable videos.” After Deborah learned the valuable information about the root cause of her health problems without hesitation she transitioned to an alkaline vegan diet.

Deborah continued working out, started using various natural medicinal herbs recommended by Dr. Sebi for detoxing the body of chemicals, free radicals, mucus, etc. and hopefully overtime healing it by using medicinal plant herbs etc. She quickly realized that exercising five to six days a week wasn’t necessary anymore after converting to a Vegan Alkaline eating regimen. Losing weight was effortlessly, which Deborah had to cut back on her exercise regimen reducing it to two days a week.

Within six to nine months Deborah lost total weight of 30 1bs., fatigue was gone; facial skin cleared up; eliminated high blood pressure, menstrual cramps gone; fluid buildup disappeared, arthritis pain gone, and many more positive health benefits were accompanied with Deborah transition to Vegan Alkaline diet while simultaneously using medicinal herbs, which she continue to use. Taylor Nature Herbs products are sourced from top herbal wholesale providers that delivers quality products.

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