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In general, Full Spectrum Irish Sea moss is multicolor seaweed that’s found along the Atlantic coasts of Europe, Ireland, and the United States. Also known by its official botanical name as Chondrus Crispus aka Carrageen, red algae, etc., and grows in various colors, such as the multi-color seaweed displayed in the image here.


It’s known to many as Full Spectrum Sea Moss and has been used as folk medicine for generations by traditional cultures and is becoming quite popular in today’s world. Our Full Spectrum Sea Moss is sourced from St. Lucia and completely hydrated. Our orgainc Elderberries that’s infused within the sea moss gel is a plant that’s found in Europe. For centuries the berries have been popular to many cultures and beneficial to many cultures for their medicinal value.


Known as the queen herbs and the medicine chest to many people the Elderberry plant has been considered sacred and magical. The anthocyanins and bioflavonoids within the berry itself can destroy cold and flu viruses. I converted the hydrated sea moss/seaweed into a smooth creamy gel that’s infused with our freshly prepared organic infused Elderberry clove syrup, which makes it a super-powerful gel that builds a much stronger immune system combined. This super immune booster that’s infused with our organic Elderberries offers an abundance of health benefits!


Elderberry Infused Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss Gel (St. Lucia)

  • Benefits of Elderberry Infused Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss Gel


    The Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss provides 92 of 102 minerals the body needs to properly function, promote weight loss, boost metabolism, diabetes, libido (men and women), mental function (ADHD, etc.), reduce stress, helps with anxiety, aids in the recovery from Cancer and other illnesses, blood, heart, inflammation, radiation poisoning, asthma, ulcers, depression, improve cognitive function, thyroid support (Sea Moss is high in Iodine, which is what the body requires to make thyroid hormones), immune system support, respiratory health (Bronchitis, Flu, Cold/Coughs, Pneumonia, etc.), eczema (other skin issues), digestive health, remove mucus, remove heavy metals, bones, topical ointment for scrapes, cuts, & burns, skin care, cellulite, tighten skin, heartburn/Indigestion, nausea, recovery from debilitating illness, menstrual cramps, collagen, and you can add to your bath water.

    Elderberries may improve vision, may destroy the flu, coughs, & colds, fights allergens, diabetes management, reduce inflammation, aids in digestion, helps with bacterial and viral infections, flavonoids antioxidant, heart support, bladder infection, urinary tract, digestive health, boost and promotes healthy immune system, etc.


    Instructions for Using Elderberry Infused Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss Gel


    Add 1 to 2 tsp of Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss Gel to vegetable or fruit smoothies and other fruit drinks, including soups, food dishes, sauces, or glass water.

    Or consume 1 to 2 tsp of Full Spectrum Irish Sea Moss Gel a day or as much as you’d like. Use as topical ointment for cuts, scrapes, and burns by adding to the bruised area and rubbing it in (fingertip amount). Use it as a face mask by applying enough to cover the entire face, leave on for about 7 to 10 minutes, followed by washing with warm water, and towel dry. See and feel the difference in your skin, which should be tight, soft, smooth, glowing, and refreshing!

    For more in-depth data on Full Spectrum Seaweed and Elderberries, I recommend you do further research on this topic to discover additional health benefits and uses.


    FDA has not assessed or evaluated assertions with reference to this product and it’s not aimed to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any health condition or disease. The advice as well as content given here is only my opinion and not a replacement of professional health advice. It’s also an indication of general information based on conducted research.

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