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Our organic Elderberries consist of a combination of potent antioxidant  that has effective anti-inflammatory properties, etc. Cloves has a wide range of bio-active compounds, nutrients, and antibacterial properties and more.These two natural plant medicinal herbs combined make it the ultimate superior immune booster that results in the creation of our Elderberry Clove syrup! It helps protect you from flu viruses, colds, including provide you with allergy and sinus relief. It provides fiber, boost gastrointestinal health, diabetes management, protects the liver, bone preservation, treat headaches, provides oral health and more.

Organic Elderberry Clove Syrup

  • Benefits:

    Improves vision, may combats the flu, coughs, & colds, viruses, fights allergens, diabetes management, reduce inflammation, aids in digestion, helps with bacterial and viral infections, flavonoids antioxidant, heart support, bladder infection, urinary tract, digestive health, boost and promotes healthy immune system, etc.


    Instructions on Use:

    Take 2 tbsp. a day cold or warm. Or drink a half tea cup either cold  or warm; although, best if warm in my opinion especially during the cold or Winter months. Keep refrigerated for up to  6 months.

  • Legal Disclaimer:


    FDA has not assessed or evaluated assertions with reference to this product and it’s not aimed to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any health condition or disease. The advice as well as content given here is only my opinion and not a replacement of professional health advice. It’s also an indication of general information based on conducted research.

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