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What is St. Lucia Irish Sea Moss?  It’s a golden like color of raw Irish Sea Moss, which is sourced from the clear blue water of St. Lucia. The golden sea moss compared to the full spectrum sea moss has less of a sea like smell and is not as potent. However, they are both powerful offering the same health benefits. 

Gold St. Lucia Irish Sea Moss Dried

SKU: 0003
  • Benefits of Raw St. Lucia Irish Sea Moss

    The Raw St. Lucia Irish Sea Moss provides 92 of 102 minerals the body needs to properly function, promote weight loss, boost metabolism, diabetes, libido (men and women), mental function (ADHD, etc.), reduce stress, helps with anxiety, aids in the recovery from Cancer and other illnesses, blood, heart, inflammation, radiation poisoning, asthma, ulcers, depression, improve cognitive function, thyroid support (Sea Moss is high in Iodine, which is what the body requires to make thyroid hormones), immune system support, respiratory health (Bronchitis, Flu, Cold/Coughs, Pneumonia, etc.), eczema (other skin issues), digestive health, remove mucus, remove heavy metals, bones, topical ointment for scrapes, cuts, & burns, skin care, cellulite, tighten skin, heartburn/Indigestion, nausea, recovery from debilitating illness, menstrual cramps, collagen, and you can add to your bath water.

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